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General Information
Season 2
Episode Finding Forster
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Original Airdate April 13, 2013
Episode Information
Director(s) Unknown
Writer(s) Unknown
Viewers (millions)
Villain Trip Taylor and the Debate Team
Episode Guide
"Enter the Dojo"

Finding Forster is an upcoming episode in season two of Supah Ninjas. It aired on April 13, 2013. [1]


At a school debate Flint learns Amanda's true identity. Amanda can't stop thinking about him and thinks that she can
change him from a criminal to a hero.

When they meet up again, Flint and Amanda are taken hostage by one of Flint's prep school friends, he is wanting a breifcase full of fake credit cards but Flint had given them to the homeless.

In the end Mike and Owen come to their rescue.  [2]




  • The ending is from the movie Marvels The Avengers where everyone was just eating.
  • Flint learns Amanda's real identity.

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