Happy to, right after I walk out that door. I don't think you wanna take the chance of hurting your friend here, do you?

— "Katara"

Katara is a the second villain the ninjas fight in Season 1. She hides her idenity as Katherine. She dated Mike's father to get information from him and eventually breaks into the museum. Mike didn't have a good feeling about her from the beginning. However, she escapes before the ninjas can catch her. She loves pottery and other arts. She will likely return since she was never caught.




Katara fights with knifes and sharp blades. She is very accurate throwing them towards her enemies. Mike and Amanda discover this when she throws a knife at a fly and kills it from a long distance.


Her weakness is seeing art being destroyed. This is discovered when her and the ninjas are fighting and a vase dropped purposely by Mike is saved by Katara.


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