General Information
Season 1
Episode X
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Original Airdate July 23, 2011
Episode Information
Director(s) Alex Winter
Writer(s) David Infield & Dave Wright
Viewers (millions) 2.03 Million
Villain X
Episode Guide

X is the 10th episode of Supah Ninjas and of Supah Ninjas overall.


Martin is protecting a man who is being hunted by a criminal, called "X". Martin has cancel Mike's plans, who was planning to go to comicon, to protect him. The three go on the train and realize that everyone is already dressed up for comicon. So, Mike plans three disguises, and having them pose as the characters: Mike is Patonius, Amanda is Electronia, and Owen is Yip-Yip. 


Martin: Your yip yip!


  • In this episode, Owen, Amanda and Mike dress up in costumes.
  • Mike shows that he cares about Amanda a lot because they play two characters that love one another.
  • This is the first time we find out that Mike goes to the fair every year as a tradition with his dad.

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